Based on my Facebook news feed, not many Texans are happy this morning. But I think we can all agree two great things happened last night: 1. Smith County residents voted overwhelmingly in favor to legalize beer and wine sales for off-premise consumption within city limits. 2. It appeared Diane Sawyer was buzzin' hard during the election coverage.

Sawyer, a long time national news anchor and reporter, without a doubt was much more giggly than normal. And true, maybe she was tired like some people are saying, I'm sure it's been a crazy few weeks.

Perhaps she's sick and under the influence of medication, like others maintain. Maybe she was just really, REALLY happy with the results, and she found it impossible to contain.

Whatever the case I think we can all agree, she was not her normal succinct self.

Personally, I enjoyed her coverage it was fun even funny at times. Whatever she was under the influence of: wine, medicine, euphoria, it worked for me -- she was great to watch, much more animated and likable than normal.

What do you think? Check out the YouTube highlights of her coverage. Then vote in our poll.

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