Few ’90s teen movies have proven to have more influence and staying power than Clueless. At the time, it was certainly among the most popular and most quoted movies of its kind. But the ’90s were jammed from beginning to end with high school comedies. Most have been completely forgotten. But 25 years later Clueless endures.

It probably helps that the star of the film, Alicia Silverstone, is now on social media and keeps doing fun stuff like this. Over the weekend she recreated one of the film’s signature scenes — Silverstone’s Cher in bed with her crush Christian, who she does not realize is secretly gay — with a special guest: Project Runway winner and mentor Christian Siriano.

“I finally got Christian in bed!” Silverstone joked in the video’s caption. Silverstone was so committed to the bit that she even took Chef’s awkward tumble out of bed. Very impressive. Watch it below:

For comparison sake, here is the original Christian scene from Clueless. While it’s not shot from multiple angles, the recreation is otherwise impressively accurate. They even got footage of Spartacus, the scene Cher and Christian were watching in the scene from the movie. (The use of Spartacus was yet another clue that Cher didn’t pick up on; the film is famous for a scene that strongly suggests a homosexual relationship between two of the characters.)

If all this Clueless nostalgia makes you want to rewatch the movie, it is currently streaming on HBO Max. If you don’t have HBO Max, it’s also available to rent.

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