On Nov. 27, 2021, investigators found that then 26 year old Dylan Molina ran a red light in Lake Worth after drinking shots at nearby Fuzzy's Taco Shop and broadsided Euless PD Detective Alex Cervantes’ vehicle, which had his family inside. Cervantes was pronounced dead and Molina's actions critically injured his wife and two children according to Fox 4..

In January, Molina took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for intoxication manslaughter for the death of Detective Cervantes and 10 years each for intoxication assault in connection to the injuries to the officer's wife and two children. He also pleaded guilty to 6 months in jail for another DWI. The sentences for the charges will be served concurrently.

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Meanwhile the bartender, Cala Richardson, who allegedly served Molina eight double vodka Red Bull cocktails that Saturday morning, is facing a misdemeanor charge for allegedly overserving Molina before the crash.

Police released videos of the aftermath of the crash where Molina is seen trying to escape the scene.

Since Molina has been tried and convicted, police are now releasing footage of what happened in the moments after Molina's crashed his rental jeep into the officer's family. In the video, Molina tries to drunkenly run off but doesn't get far as a nearby neighbor who witnessed the incident takes off after him.

Molina ends up faceplanting himself by the time the Good Samaritan catches up to him and he pins him down while help comes to the scene. Lake Worth Police wants everyone to see the video because they say it highlights a heartbreaking story that hopefully someone can learn from. And hopefully you learn to NOT drink and drive.

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