This 4th-grade elementary school student from Hallsville, Texas decided to celebrate her own birthday by raising funds at her lemonade stand to buy shoes for those in need.

See, THESE are the kinds of stories that give you hope for the future. (And we all need all the hope we can get in this crazy world in which we are living.) What an inspiration.

Sadie Lessmeier must be a special young lady, indeed.

According to her Mom, Eva Lessmeier, Sadie Mae Lessmeier is actively involved in her church as well as a chapter of the American Heritage Girls. These activities have inspired her passion to engage in community service and mission work.

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Sadie knew she wanted to spend her birthday doing something good for other people.

And she would soon be inspired by overhearing her parents discuss the HISD shoe drive that a family friend named Lori McNeil Rich was doing to supply shoes for their Hallsville "Bobcat Family."

And so, Sadie spent most of her birthday working hard at her own lemonade stand to earn the funds that would buy shoes for people in need. She ended up getting donations amounting to $250, as well as 23 pairs of shoes! AND thanks to an offer from a family friend to MATCH the donation, Sadie was then able to take $500 which she took shopping over the course of two days to buy the shoes she'd be donating, which ended up being 69 pairs!

And what's also touched us about this altruistic endeavor? You can literally see the joy radiating out of her sweet face while she is doing it. Clearly, her parents are raising her well.

Take a look at this adorable video Eva posted of her daughter inviting people to come to her lemonade stand to contribute to the cause:

I had the opportunity to chat online with her mother Eva and told her how impressed we were to read of Sadie's good deed and she said:

"We just try our best to keep the kids on a healthy track to being an adult someday."

Dear Sadie's Parents--Kudos to you for raising such a sweet, smart, thoughtful girl that has a heart for other people.

Dear Sadie--Thank you for being an inspiration to us all! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here are a few more photos of Sadie Mae's fundraising and shopping efforts:

Hallsville, TX Girl Celebrates Birthday by Raising Money for Those in Need

You can literally see the joy radiating out of her sweet face while she is doing it. Clearly, her parents are raising her well.

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