Did you see this crazy fight break out between the goalies of the Dallas, Texas Stars and the Milwaukee Admirals last week?

Granted, we're somewhat used to seeing unabashed vigor when it comes to hockey. Although of course there are rules and whatnot, it seems like hockey is a bit more...um, feral...when it comes to physical interactions between players.

I've only the opportunity to attend one hockey game in Dallas, Texas. I can't even remember who the Stars were playing. However, I DO remember how exciting the game was--and how semi-violent it seemed to be.

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Some sports fans seem to love this about hockey. I've heard, men in particular--but women, too--talk about how much they love a sport that seems to be a bit more "unedited" in how they play the game. They said it makes hockey feel like a more "honest" sport as opposed to some of the others. What do you think?

Goalies Remi Poirier and Yaroslav Askarov became so heated, they actually took each other on--and many of the fans in Dallas, Texas seemed to LOVE it.

Texas Stars fans who attended or were watching the game enjoyed watching the Stars play so well, taking a lead pretty quickly. However, once the game moved into the third period, the opposing team goalies began arguing. That argument then turned into an all-out fight. Refs eventually broke it up and the Dallas, Texas Stars came out the victor with the score settling at 5-3.

Here's the video: 

Welp. There's that. And all's well that ends well--Go STARS! And at least we know they're paid well for all that merry mayhem.

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