Texas has set record-high temperatures this week. Western and Eastern/Central El Paso have all been under an "Excessive Heat Warning" by the National Weather Service. 109-degree weather is no joke, but Texans are tough and taking it all in stride.

We can either laugh or cry, right?

TikTok user @nocturnallabs posted a funny video of themselves allegedly cooking a chicken wing on their porch. Have you thought about cooking outside? It looks like the sun did a pretty good job on this wing..perhaps TOO good...

Check out the video below:

I had to watch it a few times and reference the comment section before coming to the conclusion that it was just a silly prank. The sun MIGHT be able to cook some chicken or fry an egg, but as far as I know, it doesn't usually season it for you...

Here are a few of the comments from below the video that I found amusing:

"Turned into a lemon pepper wing from wing stop."

"The sun cooks better than my wife!"

"Not only fully cooked but magically changed positions that little flap flipped sides"

"Sun tossed it and everything"

"Fake because the fire ants would have been all over it within a minute lol"

I wouldn't recommend trying this at home, but if you pick up some fast food, it's definitely going to stay nice and hot on your dashboard, that's for sure.

How are you making it through his heat wave? Any funny videos you'd care to share with me? You can email me at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia for a chance to have your content featured in an article.

Stay cool out there, folks, and keep scrolling for more silly Texas content!

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