Alright, friends...

Here's some nightmare fuel to start your day.

Do you put all of your toiletries away before hotel staff comes in to clean your room? You might want to start being a little more careful, especially when it comes to your TOOTHBRUSH...

TikTok creator @buyandsellwithlavell claims he walked in on hotel staff at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas using his toothbrush to CLEAN!

Holy moly, y'all. It has never even crossed my mind that my toothbrush might not be safe and sound in my hotel bathroom while I'm out exploring a new city. This honestly makes my skin crawl.

Check out the video below:

I've stayed at some horrible hotels, some of which, I should have known better than to leave my belongings out in the open. But, this toothbrush business happened at a luxury hotel in Vegas. I guess it doesn't matter how nice the place is. Manners are manners and some people just don't have them.

The TikToker claims that the hotel responded by offering him a $50 voucher and a new toothbrush.

Here's another good reason to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign up and not let anyone inside. You can always pop down to the front counter to ask for towels or extra pillows. Might be best not to let anybody in your room. You never know whose cleaning and what kind of intentions they have...

Doesn't this gross you out? Eeeesh!

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