I find it truly reprehensible that there are those who would seek to profit on the misfortunes of others. An abomination, even. Strong words, for sure. But few things are more disturbing than realizing some humans are ready to use and abuse people who are struggling to keep their heads up when facing real health and economic issues. Especially in a season when political tensions are already at such a high level.

Unfortunately this is the reality we're living in and the best thing you and I can do is to look out for each other and ourselves. We're the best defense we have against con artists--and all kinds of plights.

Some of the most common ones going around range from financial fraud to touting fake cures.

According to Consumer Reports, these are some of the scams that have been commonly attempted as of late. Please share with as many as you can so we can get the word out: 

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Look out for those asking for your information. This is common in financial fraud. The more info you give them, the easier it is for them to set up fake accounts using your information. These may come in the form of "phishing" emails or yet another phone call saying they can help you get assistance if you're unemployed. Perhaps they're offering a brilliant new work-at-home program.

Please: Never, ever, ever send account numbers, passwords, or log-ins. Ever. Never.

Robocalls are annoying enough as it is, but you've real cause to be wary. These can be predatory in nature. They often seek to play on your fears. If they offer to send you a "free" testing kit while also requiring you send a credit card number and/or charging you an exorbitantly high shipping charge--that's a bright, red flag. Also, you may get more debt-collection robocalls, too. Be very wary, indeed.

Another sickening scam attempt may come from those representing fake charities. This one is particularly repulsive as it plays upon the generous hearts of well-meaning East Texans. Be careful. Even if it sounds legit, get THEIR information and do some research. If you want to give your resources, there are many well-established groups in East Texas ready to receive your gift.

As you can imagine, there are various healthcare-related scams going around. Again, playing on your fear. Some of these people have been bold enough to come to your home and offer free testing kits or make appointments for your to get a vaccination. "All we need are a few personal details to set it up." NO. No. No. This is not legit.

Watch out for pet scams. As we've mentioned in a previous articlepeople are even scamming people using the love of a promised pet you adopt online. I know at least two people who were expecting a new friend to come home. Turns out they didn't exist. How heartbreaking.

As always, we must be on guard against those who seek to profit by unethical means. Sadly, even more so now. Please be vigilant.

Now, let's take a look at a legit way you can help a bit of financial help right now:

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