A high-speed police chase video was caught on camera yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas, and was subsequently shared by the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.

The video is below.

It's always surreal to me to watch these videos. After all, in 2023, with surveillance cameras, not to mention people recording things they see while out and about driving on our Texas roads and highways, means there's a much higher chance you're are going to be caught--both on camera and in real life.

Then again, we see so many alleged crimes in action being caught on camera, so I'm not sure why it surprises me at all.

Commenters had plenty to say regarding the police chase caught on camera in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday.

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Here's the video:

It looks like a truck driver caught the video, all while jamming out to a song by  El Fantasmas which provides a festive soundtrack for the debacle. Several folks commented about that alone.

Granted, compared to some of the police chases we've seen, this one is somewhat more benign in nature. But still, it's crazy to watch someone try to elude the cops on such a busy road in the year 2023.

Other things people had to say regarding the police chase?

One person wondered if it was perhaps a "slow day" for the police in Fort Worth, Texas. The driver they're after is going likely between 75 and 80 MPH with their hazard lights on. Maybe the cops were just making sure they were okay?

Another person joked referring back to the famous police chase in L.A. when O.J. Simpson was on the run. Someone else said maybe they were wanted for not paying their toll bill. Oh, those toll bills. Aren't they fun? ;)

Whatever was going on, we're always thankful to law enforcement for making sure drivers are safe on the road and intervening on behalf of those in need.

Here's the link to the page if you'd like a chuckle at the comments and to learn more about what happened in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday, February 28.

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