Every year around the holidays, many of us eat a ton, and then a week later we wonder why in the world we did that to ourselves. Because it tasted good!

If you had to give up the skinny jeans for looser pants this week you're not alone. Carrie Underwood said on Twitter this week, "Had a great Christmas! Lots of family and lots of FOOOOD!!! Had to put the sweatpants on! #stuffedandhappy"

No matter what your size or weight loss goals, a new program will kick off in January in Tyler.

Texas A&M’s AgriLIFE Extension office is offering members of the Glass Recreation Center a free 12-week program that includes lessons on portion size, nutrition, and snacking. Oh, the snacking....that's the thing that gets many of us. My family sets trays of cookies and candies out during the holidays and we graze all day. Treadmill here we come.

The 30-minute class will start Jan. 7 and will be held once a week. To sign up for the class, contact Patrice Dunagin, country extension agent, at 903-590-2980 or email pdunagin@ag.tamu.edu.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday treats! We'll work them off in 2013.