It's a good idea to be on your best behavior in Texas & don't commit any crimes. Every city and town has its own rules & laws in place & some laws are statewide. So it's best to know what you can and can NOT do in the state. Makes sense. But some laws are just downright weird and unusual in Texas.

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What are some weird Texas laws?

Living in El Paso, for instance, there have been a few really bonkers laws in the city. For example, buildings MUST have a spittoon inside for people to spit inside. So any church, assembly hall, hotel, bank, store, train depot, or saloon MUST have a spittoon inside.

Another law in Port Arthur, Texas forbids you to... unleash any foul odor while inside an elevator. Meaning if you need to fart, you better hold it until you're out of that elevator. Although as someone who's been in many elevators with many people...I'm not entirely opposed to this one because some people are just...nasty & contain deadly agents of biological warfare.

Or how about in Mesquite, Texas where you can't legally give your child an "unusual" haircut? Although living in El Paso, we've certainly seen many weird & bad haircuts on a daily basis... *cough* the Edgar cut *cough*

That's just a FEW of the weirdest laws you will find in Texas. There are plenty more (and I do mean PLENTY MORE) baffling & questionable laws in effect in the state -- take a look at them here:

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