Now see, this is just awesome. It's hard to find who actually filmed this but who cares. Someone got the idea to film bats upside down and the results make it look like these bats are enjoying a night popping bottles at the goth club.

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Bats get a bad rap, they really do. Most of it is thanks to their association to vampires. More like, we humans made up the association to the fictional vampire deities. No, bats will not fly down to suck blood from your neck. They just fly around and feast on a plethora of insects like beetles, moths and mosquitoes. You know, those insects you can't stand to get in your house or buzz around you while outside.

They are a great benefit to us.

But also, they are just a fascinating creature. Bats are basically a rodent with wings. They congregate in caves or in trees. Yes, they will even take up residence under the eves or in the attic of your home. Don't freak out when that happens, just call animal control or a pest exterminator and they will help find a way to properly remove the bats from your home.

In other words, respect the bat and don't be afraid of them, they are not the blood sucking nightmare you read about. They are cute little dudes and dudettes just enjoying a night at the club.

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