The Statue of Liberty's emblematic inscription "Give me your tired..." just took on a whole new meaning today (October 31) on Wendy Williamswhen the eponymous host fainted in the middle of her broadcast. Thankfully, in the moment's aftermath, she insisted she was fine.

In the clip above, Williams — dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume in honor of Halloween — begins to introduce a costume-themed segment when her face suddenly becomes visibly blank. Her expression quickly progresses into worry as she starts to slur her words, and after stumbling around for a moment, she falls, drawing gasps from the audience.

When the show returned, Williams told the audience that she was okay, and that her heavy-handed costume was to blame for her fall.

“That was not a stunt. I’m overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But you know what, I’m a champ, and I’m back!” she said, to the cheers of the audience.

Williams had also complained about the holiday earlier on in the show, noting: “This is so not my holiday, I am doing this under duress. All kinds of freaks and weirdos walking around. There’s nothing worse than adults in costumes.’

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