The day of love known as Valentine's Day is fast approaching. For some, it's a day to go buy a sweet card, pick up a dozen roses and whisk away the love of your life to a romantic dinner. For others, it's a day to mourn the loss of a relationship. For folks in Midland County in West Texas, the latter could use Valentine's Day as a way to get back at that ex who may have a warrant.

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Yeah, the Midland County Sheriff's Office went to their Facebook page to make an offer to the jilted lovers of that county of a "Valentine's Day Weekend Special." If said jilted lover has an ex with an outstanding warrant, or warrants, they can call the sheriff's office and give them the location of their ex. From there, those law enforcement officers will seek out your ex who will receive this special package that includes:

  • Limited edition platinum or red bracelets
  • Free transportation with a chauffeur
  • One night minimum stay in five star accommodations
  • Professional glamour shots posted online
  • Special Valentine's dinner

They are forgetting one thing in this package, the wonderful outfit you'll receive for free.

I have a feeling that the Midland County jail will be hopping leading up to Valentine's Day on Monday. This could be the prime time revenge the jilted lovers of that area have been looking for. Imagine if a sheriff's office in East Texas did this? They'd probably run out of room at all of the jails.

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