Skittles is my most favorite candy. It is perfect in every way. It's like a hard candy with the shell, and also like a chewy candy like a Starburst in the middle. It was my go to in school. If you couldn't get a drink of water, you could discreetly put a skittle in your mouth and let it melt.

Though they have come out with all these different flavor packs over the years, it was something that I might try, but not something that I would buy again. The purple one is blackberry, and the red one is cherry. This is flavor nirvana for me. Put any combination of the two in your mouth and chew. It's amazing.

For one week, it will be a little harder to tell which flavor or color of the rainbow you are putting in your face. Skittles is removing the colors from their candy for Pride week starting June 1st. With the current Covid-19 climate, I am sure there will be a lot less celebration, so I am glad they are able to help celebrate.


They will also be donating 1$ to Glaad for every pack sold. If you see this Skittles pack devoid of color, pick it up. It's for a good cause, and it's pretty interesting trying to figure out which flavor is which. I wonder if they will have the apple instead of lime still? Yeah, I am looking at you Skittles, I know what you did!

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