So you’re thinking of going to Texas de Brazil. It’s open now in Tyler, and you’ve just got to go try the latest restaurant. Here’s what you need to know.

Prepare to gorge. The salad bar alone is exceptionally well stocked. It’s not your average salad bar. You’ll find lettuce and a spring mix, but you’ll find so much more. I enjoyed the cous-cous salad, olives, sushi, asparagus, cheeses and prosciutto. I didn’t even check the hot items like lobster bisque, and potato au gratin. I was so full from my salad plate, I waited several minutes before trying the meats.


But, oh the meats. Wow, the selection was incredible. There were Brazilian favorites, and other options, too. My favorite was probably the lamb chops, but I also really enjoyed the flank steak and the parmesan pork.

The experience is special and truly a treat. I definitely over ate, because the fare was just that delicious. I also splurged at tried the chocolate mousse cake. My husband ordered the Brazilian cheesecake, and while they were both wonderful, the cheesecake was my favorite.

Texas de Brazil is open every day, opening at 5 pm (4 pm on weekends) and here's the kicker. You can take all the time you want - meaning you can stay til close if that's what you and your eating partners in crime are up for.

They'll also open early for Thanksgiving, November 23, and will feature their dinner menu along with traditional favorites like roasted turkey and sweet potato casserole.

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