We've all done it... waited until the last minute to complete a task. We've all procrastinated, but what does that look like inside the mind? One guy nails it.

Tim Urban takes you behind the curtain, inside the brain to illustrate what procrastination looks like. He introduces you to the procrastination monkey, and shows you how good he is at hi-jacking our responsible selves and detouring our mindset.

He also illustrates the 'panic monster,' and the important role he plays in helping us get back on track, and scaring the procrastination monkey back up the tree.

What happens though when there is no deadline, and the panic monster doesn't appear? Tim Urban gets into that, too, and offers advice for those who find themselves delaying their goals and dreams.

If you've been known to procrastinate, and who hasn't really? Take a look at this humorous peak behind the curtain of what goes on in your brain.