So, for many years now we've become accustomed to seeing new coffee drinks "trending." I suppose we can thank Starbucks for normalizing this concept of "coffee fashion." Seriously, we get giddy over the new hot trendy coffee drink and rush over to drown the trivialities of our days in a caffeinated slow drip of temporary happiness. Oh yeah, I love it.

Lately, it seems cold brew coffee items are everywhere. This one, though, seems to be sticking and becoming a new coffee classic. Why? What's the deal with the cold brew obsession?

A new study done of the National Coffee Association reports that now 1 out of 5 Americans are drinking cold brew coffee. "Isn't that basically the same thing as an iced coffee," you may ask? Actually no. Cold brew CAN be served cold, but not always. The term "cold brew" refers to the way it's brewed--which is either, cold, obviously, but can also be brewed at room temperature. It's also a longer brewing process, which can last between 12 and 24 hours. This process produces a delightfully less bitter drink than the standard coffee we're used to having (and still love, of course.) Once the brew is ready, some people add cool water, add ice, or even mix it with hot water.

I personally love cold brew coffee. Sometimes, the milder, yet more concentrated brew is exactly what I'm looking for on those afternoons when I really probably shouldn't be drinking coffee, but I still need more energy to get through the day.

I still like traditionally brewed coffee, as well. However, I personally hope this trend does indeed become a classic.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

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