Halloween is coming up Monday and I'll once again be going door to door in my neighborhood with my daughter to do the trick or treating thing, where, without a doubt she will receive quite a bit of candy, some of which she'll share with my wife and I! Thankfully she and I have somewhat different tastes when it comes to candy!

When I was much smaller and trick or treating on my own, I had a couple of favorite candies that I looked forward to getting in my plastic pumpkin each year and I've never outgrown them! Honestly, I secretly hope my daughter gets some of that same candy each year so that I can get it because I know she doesn't really care for it! Is that selfish of me?

I looked forward to getting the peanut butter taffy style candy that was wrapped in the orange and black wax paper! I'm not sure it could be taffy, but it's like that and it has a peanut butter surprise center in just about every one of them! The peanut butter candy and just about sugar based are on top of my list! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy chocolate too, but Smarties, SweetTarts, sour gummies, orange slices, Skittles and the like are among my favs!

When it comes to Halloween candy, what's your favorite? Let me know by commenting below or on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page or Twitter account!