Tonight is the night that you probably won't recognize your neighbors' kids or maybe even you're own because they'll all be dressed up in their Halloween costumes going door to door saying, "Trick or treat, give me something good to eat!" hoping to get a good haul of candy in their pumpkins!

For a lot of kids across East Texas it is all about getting the candy but every once in a while they'll find something different amongst all the candy. Last year, a co-worker here at the radio station ran out of candy and she became very resourceful and creative in what to put in the kids' candy bags. I'm wondering what's the strangest thing you've ever gotten while trick or treating or what your kids have received while trick or treating. Tell me what it was in the comment section below.

As for myself, I don't recall getting anything really bizarre as a kid, but I do remember getting pencils, erasers and a yo-yo one time, that was cool!

Now, back to the co-worker, I received the picture below from her yesterday saying she was ready for the trick or treaters at her house!  Hope you get there before the DumDum suckers and Twizzlers are gone, if not you'll be getting a can of cream style corn!

Eileen Gottschalk, Townsquare Media