Eating out is one thing that East Texans just love to do! We all have our favorite restaurants to eat at, but over time some of our favorites just disappear. I've been in Tyler nearly 20 years now and I've seen quite a few restaurants come and go and we were sitting here in the office remembering some of our favorites that are no longer in existence.

  • Taco Cabana via Facebook
    Taco Cabana via Facebook

    Taco Cabana

    The pink neon lit sign sat high on the corner of Loop 323 and Broadway and was open 24 hours serving up quick Mexican food and fajitas prepared over an open flame. The building was unique because it was like a beach atmosphere with a semi-enclosed patio and dining area. TGI Friday's now sits where Taco Cabana once did.

  • Lucky Larry Mix 93-1
    Lucky Larry Mix 93-1


    For more than 45 years, this family owned business served up many college students and Tyler residents. Situated right across the street from TJC, they served their last chili dog in August of 2016, when the business closed with the passing of the owners. The owners' children retain the rights to the business, but are currently looking for someone to purchase the business.

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    Armadillo Willy's

    Sitting on the corner of Loop 323 and Old Bullard Rd. sat Armadillo Willy's. This restaurant sat tucked away behind the tall pine trees serving up one of the best chicken fried steaks, burgers and their Armadillo Eggs. It's been gone now for a number of years and has since been replaced by a bank!

  • Golden Corral via Facebook
    Golden Corral via Facebook

    Golden Corral

    The destination for families that couldn't make up their mind what they wanted for dinner! This place served up nearly everything under the sun on the buffet with fresh rolls and all sorts of desserts that would suit any taste! The building remains but is now home to The Jalapeno Tree.

  • Pancho's via Facebook
    Pancho's via Facebook

    Pancho's Mexican Food

    This was a fun mexican food restaurant that was a blend of cafeteria and buffet style. You pushed your tray down the line and ordered what you want and at your table if you wanted seconds, thirds or even more all you would do was raise the flag and the wait staff would bring you more of what you craved! Since leaving Tyler, Pancho's has been replaced by an auto parts store on south Broadway near the loop.

  • Steak And Ale via Facebook
    Steak And Ale via Facebook

    Steak And Ale

    At the time it was a very upscale steak house that seemed just a bit out of my families budget, but was a treat once a year! Tyler's Steak And Ale was situated on Troup Highway on the corner of Golden Rd. It is now a chinese food restaurant.

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