High school football has been going strong now for the past three weeks. As you sit in the stands and cheer on your favorite team you're entertained by the marching band during halftime and we're looking for the best in East Texas! The guys and gals that make up the marching band are some pretty talented students and they put a lot into their weekly routine, sometimes practicing just as much as the players on the field. In some cases at smaller schools, some kids are practicing for the field and for halftime pulling double duty for their school.

Now that you've been to a couple of games this year and have seen a few different high school marching bands, we want to know which high school has the best marching band in East Texas! This will go down in two rounds:

Round 1: all the schools below are eligible for votes and if you don't see your school listed we apologize, but you can write them in!
Round 2: the top 10 schools will come back and compete for the bragging rights and notoriety!

Voting in round 1 will end Wednesday, September 27th @ Noon! You will be able to vote once every six hours! And now it's time to cast your vote!

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