If you live in Texas, or anywhere in the South, then you know that only one soft drink is above the rest. No it's not sweet tea, which is great, but it's instead a more successful drink who went to medical school and graduated top of their class, Dr Pepper.

That's right the tasty lone star state soda that almost everyone loves and a 100-year-old woman claims is the secret to her long life comes in many different flavors. There are 12 different types of Dr Pepper that are regularly sold through out the year and each one has it's own personality of sorts. By personality I mean that each distinct flavor seems to be popular within certain groups, some flavors and combos I haven't even heard of.

Everyone has their own personal favorite when it comes to Dr Pepper, and some people still drink it hot with a squeeze of lemon. We have compiled a list of all 12 different Dr Peppers and which zodiac sign they closely resemble. We did not include any of the limited time drinks such as Strawberries & Creme and Dark Berry, which are both super delicious, due to them being limited flavors.

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Did we get your zodiac sign matched to the correct Dr Pepper or did we fall flat? Let us know in the comments along with your favorite kind of Dr Pepper, in a can or from Sonic.

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