As the new year rolls around, we love to party in Texas during New Years Eve. And I mean we LOVE to party; so much that it turns out that are two cities in particular that have been chosen as THE best places for celebrating New Years Eve.


What's the best city for New Years Eve parties in Texas?

In an article done by The Travel, they listed the top 14 US cities that hold the best annual New Years Eve parties. On their list are cities you'd expect to find: New York City, Chicago, New Orleans...but the one that topped the list was Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas most fun city
Megan Bucknall via Unsplash

Why was Austin chosen? Well a couple of reasons: the amount of parties that go on throughout the nightlife, the amount of restaurants & bands that play are a good reason. But the biggest reason, is the ball drop that's held in the city that makes it such a party destination; whether it's held at Wingate by Wyndham or on 6th Street.

However...that's not the only site that chosen Texas on THEIR list. WalletHub listed San Antonio in their top 20, followed by Austin & Dallas in the top 30. Visit USA also listed San Antonio; mainly for the celebrations that are held along the River Walk.

So judging by what people have said online; it's pretty clear that while Houston might hold the biggest Thanksgiving parade in Texas, if you want to enjoy a New Years Eve party in the Lone Star State, then Austin or San Antonio would be your best bet.

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