Thrilling news for Whitehouse Band supporters. Denny Whitley, Band Director at Whitehouse High School, will soon add a new distinction to his long career. He will be added to the Texas Band Masters Hall of Fame.

Mr. Whtiley talked to KLTV, about the honor that has only been given to 281 directors since 1948. "Because I share this hall of fame with every kid that's sat in front of me," says Denny Whitley. "It's not about me it' whole's been about the kids," says Whitley.

Whitley will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during a ceremony, July 22 in San Antonio. Here's a look at his band marching in competition this fall.

As a former band student, it's wonderful to see music education thriving in East Texas. My participation in band, definitely enriched my life, and I guess you could say helped shape my career. Congrats, Mr. Whitley!

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