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  • Is water hoarding necessary?
  • What is happening to the water?
  • Plenty of clean drinking water

Just like during the pandemic, people in Texas and Louisiana are hoarding water and leaving sparse selection in some communities. This time it's for a very different reason, though still completely unnecessary.

In New Orleans and other areas around South Eastern Louisiana, drinking water is being threatened once again by saltwater intrusion. This situation is very real for some residents in Louisiana, but a state away in Texas we should be completely unaffected.

That hasn't stopped some residents in East Texas from hearing the news about their neighbors to the east and stockpiling water from grocery stores.

What Is Salt Water Intrusion?

Residents in Louisiana are up against a possible drinking water crisis. Due to the recent drought that lowered the Mississippi River levels, saltwater intrusion on the water supply is a real threat.

If the amount of water that goes down the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico drops, there is backflow from the ocean. The southernmost part of the river near New Orleans could become undrinkable by late October if that continues to happen.

There are some residents in the southeast corner of Louisiana who are already having to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the faucet has been coming out salty in Plaquemines Parish off and on since June.

Millions of gallons of fresh water are already being taken by barges to treatment facilities in the affected areas. The only thing that can fix the situation is more rain further up the Mississippi.

According to CNN Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has requested a federal emergency declaration for Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, and St. Bernard parishes.

He also added that there is no shortage of bottled water in Louisiana or around the country, and businesses are going to be able to bring in water as it's needed.

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