If you have a friend or loved one serving prison time in Texas, it looks like you won't be able to visit them for a while. That's thanks to a statewide prison lockdown that's gone into effect. So, why the tightened security lately?

This is Why Texas Prisons Are In Total Lockdown For a While

So, why can't you go say hi to your old pal through the plexiglass? Well, an uptick in prison deaths - particularly homicides - has put many in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on notice.

But what exactly is behind the rise in deaths behind bars?

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Further Details As Revealed By TDCJ

According the TDCJ, the past five years have seen a rise of contraband making its way into our state prisons. The TDCJ reports that mainly illegal narcotics have been appearing more and more. This had led to further issues, mainly regarding the well-being of security and inmates.

In addition, TDCJ reports that inmate-on-inmate homicide has grown, which is believed to have been caused by conflict over the aforementioned smuggled goods. To combat this is issue, prisons in the state have been placed on lockdown, with additional measures being taken to hopefully fix the issue.

What Are Texas Prisons Trying to Do?

The TDCJ reports that they have begun using a digital mail system, as well as increased usage of K-9 units and searches of inmates, including those who are entering the area.

So Yeah, About Those Visits...

Physical visitation has been cancelled at Texas prisons until further notice due to the increased security measures. However, the TDCJ says inmates will still have access to the phone system and tablets.

Once prison staff across the state have completed the comprehensive searches, normal visitation is expected to resume. The TDCJ did not provide a specific date, so if you have a loved one serving time, you'll need to contact the prison currently housing them for updates.

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