It was a big weekend for Texas football! Emotions were high Saturday as the Red River Showdown saw Texas defeated by OU after a major comeback, and Texas Aggie fans saw their team top Bama.

Emotions were so high for one Texas A&M alumnus, Effrage Davis, that it affected her job. Davis is a meteorologist with WQAD in Moline, Illinois and she was on the air her Fighting Texas Aggies were in the 4th quarter.

I’m by no means a sports journalist, but I am a sports fan. I love the drama of a dog fight, and I was pulled into the second half of both games by the excitement of the match ups and the intensity of the crowds at both games.

Ahead of her forecast, she tells the Illinois viewers excitedly that the game is tied at 38 with 1:26 left in the game. She emphatically explains that they need to run down the clock and get into field goal range. If the Aggies kick it and win, that it would be the first time that Texas ATM had defeated Alabama since Johnny Manziel was the quarterback.

Her broadcast partner reminded her that the viewers would want to know the forecast, and she jokes, ‘Can they hear about it after the game?’

She begins her forecast and it becomes quite apparent when the Aggies secured their victory. No one gets that excited about fall foliage.

I’m sure your social feeds were as full as mine with “gig ‘em” posts Saturday night and into Sunday. While I’m not an Aggie, I’m surrounded by them. I have loads of friends and family that attended the University and it was so great to see how happy they were to celebrate their team's win.


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