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Jump in your car and drive on any road in Tyler and you'll quickly notice you're not the only person on the road. It's that way everywhere, however, there are those drivers in Tyler who think they are.

We know that Tyler traffic is getting worse because there are just more of us on the road. In addition, the traffic lights seem to be poorly timed in areas of the city, there are no bridges on the major thoroughfares within the city and complaints about the medians have led to a 'me' mentality when it comes to Tylerites behind the wheel.

Some Tyler drivers think they own the road.

Frustration is mounting among all Tyler drivers. Over the past month or so while I've had more vacation time I was driving around the city more than usual because I wasn't in the office or on the air and I too, noticed a shift in Tyler's drivers. Other drivers have noticed it as well and have left some comments about the way we drive on some social media forums. When it comes to traffic within the city of Tyler, Tyler drivers are not afraid to let you know how they feel, especially in these social media forums.

Among some of the 'Me' mentality characteristics that Tyler drivers are showing are:

  • running red lights
  • not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign
  • cutting people off in traffic
  • not using turn signals
  • not coming to a complete stop for a right turn, especially at stop signs or red lights
  • pulling out in front of another car from a parking lot when there are no other cars behind the one you pulled out in front of
  • parking over the line in a parking lot
  • using hazards to park at the front door of a store or restaurant
  • not utilizing merge lanes correctly - stopping to wait until its clear to shoot across to get to the left lane

All of these issues are extremely frustrating and some are quite dangerous as many have come to think that 'it's their world and we're all just pawns in it circling them'. Case in point about the red-light runners, we recently posted an article about someone challenging others while running a red light at one of the busiest intersections in the city.  Some Tyler drivers are tired of seeing blatant disregard for signals and basic traffic laws.

The City of Tyler is taking steps to address the timing of the traffic signals, but there is no easy fix to Tyler's traffic issues.  Listen to those steps in the recently released city podcast. The only thing we all can do is return to basic driver's education. Stop when the light is red, use turn signals when you want to change lanes and park within the lines in a parking lot. Above all, just be courteous.

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