The pandemic has thrown a wrench into many things, and apparently that includes some conveyor belts at candy manufacturing plants because East Texas won't be getting the usual stash this year.

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Peeps are usually big at Easter, but there's also nothing wrong with sticking one of those marshmallow candies into some hot chocolate in the dead of winter, or melting one on a graham cracker along with three sections of a Hershey bar.  Love 'em or hate 'em, Peeps are capable of leveling up dessert, and their absence will be noticed this fall.

There was a note on the Blair Candy website earlier this month that said the makers of Peeps wouldn't be releasing any new Christmas or Halloween Peeps this year because the pandemic has impacted their operations.  They had to stop production this spring, and by the time they resumed they were behind and had to make some sacrifices, and the seasonal Peeps got chopped.  So there will be no Peeps at Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.  They will be back for Easter next spring though.

Peeps aren't the only thing that we'll notice less of this fall.  Because of delays in production, Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales seasonal varieties also will not be back until 2021.  (I will not stress about candy, I will not stress about candy.)  The delay could be a good thing because it will give us plenty of time to plan the best way to eat those little chewy gobs.  Sucking on them until they get soft makes them last longer, and it makes for a fun game of "let's see if I can keep them from sticking to my teeth."  Maybe we can practice with jelly beans while we wait.

The parent company of Peeps, Mike and Ike, and Hot Tamales has been making sweets since 1923.  Surely things will be better by the time their 100th anniversary rolls around.

And for us this Halloween, chocolate!

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