At some point yesterday or when you woke up this morning, if you were on social media, you saw everybody and they mama posting "Red Flags" everywhere. In typical social media "monkey see, monkey do" fashion, folks began to pile on to the hashtag.

Late last night, my buddy called me and asked "What the hell is going with these red flags everywhere? What does it mean?". I'll do my best to explain what this craziness is all about.



Red flag is a slang term that means a signal of impending danger, or a problem. The phrase is usually used when talking about a person, highlighting that you should watch out for and be wary of them. With this particular trend, folks are posting the emoji with an opinion or statement this is a "red flag" to someone. Example: "I Don't Like R&B Music"... that's a red flag.

A majority of the posts and tweets about "red flags" are about "dating". As you know, dating in this day and age SUCKS so lots of single and taken folks are posting statements and other things they've heard in their experience and pointing out that if a person says these things, there's probably something you need be leery of about them.

Let's take a look at some of the funniest and best red flag posts from all across the socials but before we do, I just wanted to say that I'm waving my own flag to put an end to all of this:

Our Favorite Red Flag Posts

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