New year, old spouse? 2020 marks a new beginning for many of us. For some Americans, this is exactly why they choose to seek out divorce lawyers. Many divorce lawyers consider January as divorce month.

CBS 19 sat down with Attorney Joseph Hoelscher, who manages Hoelscher, Gebbia and Cepeda, PLLC, claims that his law office sees a dramatic "increase in inquiries about divorces" at the end of every year. It's so common that his office promotes a "starting fresh" package discount.

So what are some things that should put you on high alert? According to these are the red flags most people ignore.

1. Changes in spending habits. Did you know that lawyers do a "spousal support analysis" to figure out alimony? Especially if one person in the relationship is considered the breadwinner. If a lawyer has a client who makes less, they'll encourage them to shop more so it looks like they have a certain type of "lifestyle" they have grown accustomed to. If a lawyer has a client who wants to avoid paying alimony, they might start spending a lot less.

2. Makeovers, or becoming a gym rat. Is your spouse suddenly hitting the gym a lot more? Has your spouse gone through a makeover? It can be a sign of infidelity. However be wary, it could just be a New Year's resolution thing. Be suspicious if there are other red flags, like if your spouse is staying late at work all of a sudden.

3. The nagging has stopped. You may think your prayers have been answered. All of a sudden your spouse quit nagging you, however it might be a sign they've started to give up on your relationship.




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