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  • People always talk smack about Galveston, Texas because the water is full of silt.
  • Silt comes from the Mississippi River and deposits in the Gulf.
  • Without the Mississippi, some of Louisiana would be without water and transportation.

I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes visiting the beach multiple times a day as a toddler.  Even though the water might not be sparkling clear, it never was, and it will never be blue consistently.

Without the silt that makes the water "murky" or "chocolate," Galveston Island might have never even formed. Everything works hand in hand, as there is always a cause and effect in nature.

Why Does The Water In Galveston Randomly Turn Blue? 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the silt is the texture of flour. When the silt isn't there and the water is blue, it's usually a bad sign for residents further up the Mississippi.

This could indicate a drought and a lack of water flowing into the Gulf. The currents could shift away from the exact place you are on the beach and cause it to be blue or even green.

I grew up thinking it was pretty interesting that it could be any color. I was fine with the colors, but the smell that occurs at times is another thing.

Gross Blobs Of Rotting Sargassum Are Way Worse Than The Color

Large piles of rotting seaweed could impact your swimming or enjoying the beach way more than the color being a little brown. The water in Galveston isn't always safe to swim in, but it has nothing to do with the color.

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