A Tyler landmark will soon meet the wrecking ball.

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The iconic triangle shaped building with the red shingling that has housed Wienerland for more than 50 years is set for demolition. The location will be home to a new tea franchise. We reported on Wienerland's closing back in 2016 and then its resurrection in the spring of 2017 and then again on its closing in 2018.

The building has been setting empty on Fifth Street across from TJC ever since and will now be home to a tea franchise. The Tyler Paper spoke to the new franchisee owner who said they,

understand how important the old Wienerland location is to Tyler and knows the legacy the business has held for decades.

The new business, HTeaO plans on opening sometime this summer. Learn more about HTea O and how they'll give back to the community. As for a date on when the iconic building will meet its ultimate fate has not been released yet.

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