Will and Ellie Butts are remarkable children. They were recognized together as the 2012 Miracle Children.

Will loves to run and compete in track sports and has set at least one national record in the long jump at the Endeavor Games for athletes with physical disabilities. He also loves to read.

Ellie loves to dance, play dolls and ride horses. They both enjoy going to the beach and swimming.

Will was born with Hanhart Syndrome resulting in him being a quad congenital amputee. Ellie was born with arthroryposis, a condition that affects her limb joints causing pain and dislocation. It is not related to Hanhart Syndrome in any way.

Both kids are treated at the Special Needs Clinic by Dr. Rick Rogers.

Will also had the special honor of representing the Lone Star State as our Texas Champion in 2014. He represented Children's Miracle Network and his home state on a national level.


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