The Halloween weekend forecast looks pretty gloomy, and it could be pretty wet for trick or treating this year.

East Texas experienced a pretty good dousing of rain last weekend with the last storm system and now it looks like we're in for another round.

The National Weather Service is calling for a 40 percent chance of rain Friday afternoon and increasing to an 80% chance by Friday night. So once again, those Friday night games under the lights could be a bit wet.

Halloween could be just as wet, too. There's a 60 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for Saturday (as of Wednesday morning).

According to meteorologist Sarah Fletcher at KLTV, East Texas could see as much three inches of rain through Saturday evening which could put a damper on a bunch of kids' plans to go trick or treating Saturday evening.

As parents, we might have to improvise on trick or treating this year! My daughter came up with a great idea for her and her friends. She told me since it's supposed to rain, we'll have all the kids over to our house and the parents can hide the candy throughout the house and we can hunt for candy like we do Easter eggs, but without the eggs.

A pretty good idea coming for a kid that wants candy on Halloween with or without rain!

Hopefully though the rain event will be over by the time darkness falls upon East Texas Halloween night so the kids can get out there and show off their costumes and go door to door and trick or treat.

Be safe whatever you do.

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