Have you wanted to try yoga, but you feel like it's a bit too chill? Maybe you should experience Rage Yoga at a Heavy Metal Bar in Houston.

Yes, you read that right. Rage Yoga is a thing, and it exists at a heavy metal bar. Participants are encouraged to drink beer and shout curse words. Is this your style?

If so, you'll want to take the trek south and experience this unusual style of yoga. It's rare, and taught in Texas by Ashley Duzich. Houston is the only city you'll find it in the country.

According to KSAT, you'll find an instructor who wants to share Rage Yoga with the world. She's working with the creator of the style, Lindsay Istace to develop a teacher training program for those who also want to teach. Duzich told KSAT,

"I want to get as many people certified in the country as possible. I cannot do this alone. -"

Could Rage Yoga become a new trend in Texas?