Mix 93-1 and Slim Chickens wants to put a 'Grand In Your Hand'!

Earn some easy summer vacation money with daily code words worth $1000 from Slim Chickens and Mix 93-1! Beginning Monday, May 15th, listen for your chance to win $1000 twice a day weekdays through Friday, June 2nd (excluding Memorial Day)!

Mix 93-1's The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and Lucky Larry will give out code words weekdays - once after 7a and then again around 2:15 - take those code words and enter them into the contest online for your chance to win a 'Grand In Your Hand'!

Get that thousand bucks for summer vacation, your shopping spree at Broadway Square, Longview Mall or the Village At Cumberland Park, for your school tuition, your savings account, house projects or what ever!  Each code word could win you $1000, they're given out twice each weekday on Mix 93-1!

Your first code word comes up after 7a during The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Monday, May 15th on Mix 93-1!

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