Whataburger is definitely a scene for love. How many times have you seen high school kids in their prom attire at Whataburger? How many times has your significant other thanked you profusely for bringing them breakfast taquitos in the morning.

Whataburger always knows how to get its die-hard fans to do fun things for the sake of fries, burgers and honey butter chicken biscuits. This time, they want to highlight your Whataburger Date Nights. Now now, if you don't live in Texas, you might think, "what kind of date takes you to a fast food joint?". But Texans and a couple of other lucky states residents know that there's no shame in Whataburger's Date Night game.

According to the Whataburger website, individuals must submit a photo of themselves on a date at Whataburger on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The winning couples will win free weekly dates at Whataburger for a year - a $1,000 value.

There's more to the contest so let me list them out. Your post must include:

  • photo with a caption or story of your Whataburger Date Night
  • tag @Whataburger in your post
  • include the #WhataloveContest hashtag
  • limit one submission per participant per social media platform
  • deadline is February 8, 2018

Go take your man or woman out tonight a snap a shot to show #whatalove you have for your significant other, Whataburger, or heck in my case, for yourself. =)

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