Speaking from personal experience, nesting is important.

I've been living with my husband for a few years. When we first decided to occupy the same home, I was hesitant to nest. I had hoped that my moving into 'his' house would soon turn into us find 'our' home, and moving to a different agreed upon location. This would, I thought, allow me to finally 'nest.'

After years of discussion, this hasn't happened yet, and emotionally this has started to take its toll on me. Over time, I chose to make changes in some rooms of our house. We repainted the bed rooms, and I shopped for new bedding, curtains, wall hangings, etc.

Some areas and furniture, though, seemed to be off-limits to change. In one of our spare bedrooms, I brought in my desk. I've always enjoyed space to work at a desktop computer at home for various projects. Some things as tedious as taxes and household bills.

His desk also shared this space, and he was reluctant to get rid of it. Mind you, he rarely used it. It became the place where receipts were piled, and bills lay cluttered on top of old technology rarely used, ancient laptop computes.

This past weekend, I finally cleared the space. I felt so much better. It was like a stress relief that I hadn't known I had needed for years. Following that, I found that after we both get up in the morning, when I make the bed... I felt even better. I'm sure that there is some sort of science and research to back this up.

What I've personally found, is less clutter around the house means less clutter in my mind. I guess it's time to actually read that Marie Kondo book everyone has been raving about.

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