Texas has a lot of amazing and unique homes that are filled with a lot of charm and history. Many of these homes are quite old and are not being cared for properly and are in a state of deterioration. Instead of rehabing or remodeling and updating these aging homes they often get torn down and replaced with a more modern home.

That's not the case for this 1950s-era home in Austin. After its full rehabilitation, this home could easily be featured on the HGTV show 'Zillow Gone Wild' and could be one of the wildest homes in America. For now, though, it's a featured home on the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page!

Looking at this home you'll feel like you're on a movie set or on the set of the MCU show 'WandaVision'!

The Mid-Century home is full of retro detailing

The refurbishing and remodeling of this home kept the original feel with dark wood paneling, pistachio window sheers, and avocado curtains that carry over to the avocado-colored kitchen tile and popcorn ceiling. Yes, when the home was remodeled it received a customized glitter popcorn ceiling.

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The split-level 2 bedroom, 3 bath 1500+ sq. ft. home has been on the market for less than a month and has already seen a price reduction of $20,000. The house sits on a little more than a third of an acre. The home features a double-stone fireplace, a spacious open kitchen, and an oversized garage with a big patio for entertaining.

It has been staged with many retro items

For the right price, the retro furnishings that are used in staging could be included in the purchase of this home. Including a pumpkin-colored sofa and oversized chair. An old cabinet-style tube TV. A rotary dial phone and a unique color combination of golden yellow and orange in the lower level bedroom.

This place will definitely take you back in time and bring up a lot of memories for those who remember the 1950s-styled home.

Check Out This Retro MCU-Looking Austin, Texas Home On Zillow

Living in this Austin, Texas home will make you feel like you're living in the 1950s or in the MCUs 'WandaVision'!

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