Won't You Be My Neighbor? is a documentary profiling the life of Fred Rogers, watched by children on public television for generations. While it opened with a small release earlier this month, it won't appear in Tyler until July 6.

Growing up, I loved watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on KERA, channel 13. That and Sesame Street were television staples for our family in the 80's and early 90's. Now, a documentary has been created to highlight the life of the man who kindly invited you to be his neighbor.

After watching his widow, Mrs. Joanne Rogers in a clip from the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon recently, I was in tears. His life impacted so many, and none more than hers. She affectionately talks about her husband, his career and the mean of the number 143 in his life.

Taylor Antrim of Vogue Magazine had this to say about the film:

But 'Won’t You Be My Neighbor?', which has already drawn solid box office numbers in select theaters and begins rolling out across the country this weekend—just in time for Father’s Day—is the most soothing, joyful, and hope-inducing 90 minutes I’ve spent in recent memory. It’s like sitting in a warm bath of positivity. Add it to your wellness regimen: Here is a film that vanquishes cynicism.

Dan Jackson of Thrillist.com, shared his view of the documentary:

In its often dutiful way, Won't You Be My Neighbor? argues that it's more challenging but ultimately more rewarding to believe in the fundamental goodness of Mr. Rogers and his work. It doesn't attempt to deify him. It only asks you to understand.

I look forward to seeing the film, and experience once again the kind and gentle nature of Mr. Rogers.

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