It almost sounds like blasphemy. I know it feels like blasphemy when the words come out my mouth. How could the world's largest convenience store, travel plaza, and gas station not be a Texas Buc-ee's?

Recently, we shared the largest Buc-ee's ever is about to open in the Dollywood's backyard of Sevierville, TN. In fact, it was just announced that store will be opening in just under 2 months on June 5th, 2023.

Inside that article you will also notice that ground has already been broken back in Luling, TX for a planned 75,000 square foot store, that would firmly place the world's largest Buc-ee's right back here in the Lone Star State (like it should be).

How big is this new Buc-ee's going to be?

80,000 feet. That's right - we've blown through the 60s and 70s. Here comes the first ever planned 80,000 foot Buc-ee's.

Maybe this Tik Tok reviewer will get his wish for a legal dispensary with the extra square footage? Warning: NSFW Language

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Where will the 80,000 foot Buc-ee's be located?

Buc-ee's is going from the biggest store being in Dollywood's backyard to Mickey Mouse's. The new travel plaza will be part of a brand new exit/interchange along Interstate 75 in Ocala, FL.

Maybe this is just my Texas pride talking, but we've got to get the ball back in our court. Everything is BIGGER, right? So, Buc-ee's, it has been another week, have anything you want to share?

One other thing, it better not be some wimpy 81,000 or 82,000 foot announcement. We need to bust through the 80s, and really put a Texas sized stamp on this world's largest contest. Might as well skip over the 90s too.

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One of Texas' biggest Buc-ee's just turned 8 in Temple.

Temple, Texas is home to one of the biggest Buc-ee's, and just turned 8 years old.

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