School is Back in Session Which Means WalletHub Wants to Rank Community Colleges According to Their Calculations.

The new school year is underway and for the Class of 2024 entering their senior year of high school, its time to start making plans for what's to come next after graduation. Some folks will seek higher education but without the crippling debt that comes with going to a "big university" so community college will be their best option.

But what community college should you choose? Each one is different in Texas in terms of options and what you're looking for but one thing we do know for sure is some schools need more IMPROVEMENT than others according to a study by Wallethub.

So how did they come up with these rankings?

WalletHub selected a sample of 668 schools and evaluated the schools based on three key dimensions, including: 1) Cost & Financing, 2) Education Outcomes and 3) Career Outcomes. We constructed the three dimensions using 19 total metrics. We graded each metric on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the best community college.


They Recently Released Their Rankings of Community Colleges In America.

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David Hsu

Let's start by saying that we're not trying to "disrespect" these schools by calling them "the worst". We tend to always talk about "the best" but for a student considering their future, its important for them to know all the facts - good and bad.

Here Is The BEST Community College In Texas:

Google Maps
Google Maps

With an overall score of 58.11, Alvin Community College located near Galveston was named the best Community College in Texas.

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