Halloween is quickly approaching, and while there are many adequate haunted houses right here in Abilene, it is definitely worth a trip to Lubbock to check out one of the best-haunted theme parks in America, Nightmare On 19th Street.

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Nightmare On 19th Street has been scaring Halloween enthusiasts for over 17 years now, and each year gets bigger and better. This year, they have four different attractions where you can get your scare on.

Nightmare on 19th Street takes you on a journey through four Haunted Attractions.  You'll enter the park through Mayhem Midway where ghouls will prepare you for 1.25 miles of scares. (via <a href="https://nightmareon19thstreet.com/home" target="_blank">Nightmare On 19th Street</a>)

You'll find the Blood Moon Manor, KarnEvil, Castle Dominus, and Krampus 3D, each with its own level of blood-curdling screams. For the record, this is no ordinary kiddie haunted house. These levels of scare will more than likely haunt you for the rest of your life.

How much are tickets to Nightmare On 19th Street?

Tickets range from $20 to $25 depending on the day/night you want to go. Nightmare is open every weekend in October. And on October 31, of course. You can purchase tickets and find more information about Nightmare On 19th Street here.

Don't forget to pick up some swag in their exclusive Dark Market.

Photo: Nightmare on 19th Street
Photo: Nightmare on 19th Street

You can see some creepy pictures in the gallery below, but you won't feel the terrifying thrill like you would if you went to check it out for yourself in person.

BOO: Nightmare on 19th Street in Lubbock

This is the ONE haunted theme park in Texas that you need to check out each Halloween

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