There seems to be a new crazy crime story every few days and recently there was a very unusual incident that took place in Austin, Texas. It’s not uncommon for home owners to have cameras installed in their home but just imaging getting an alert that someone is in your home then opening up the app to see the camera for yourself and seeing a burglar in your home while they are only wearing underwear.  

According to KXAN that is what happened to Austin resident Andrew Fisher who lives on Windsor Road. An alert popped up on his phone and sure enough there was a man he didn’t know that was inside his home. He did just like we all would do and called law enforcement immediately and then rushed to get home as soon as possible. 

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What Did the Homeowner See on Video of the Burglar in His Underwear? 

The intruder acted as if he was an invited guest as he was seen walking from room to room in his underwear. He helped himself to a bottle of wine that was in the home, really making himself comfortable. 

The Confrontation Then Took Place with the Homeowner and Intruder 

The homeowner approached the front door of the house and the door was still locked so he isn’t sure how the intruder gained access to the home. The homeowner began turning on lights, that’s when the intruder walked down the stairs and tried to start a conversation, the homeowner turned around and walked out of the house.  

The intruder quickly exited the house and ran away before police could respond to the incident. Neighbors reported seeing the man nearby but police haven’t found the burglar yet, hopefully he is found and held responsible for his actions before he can do it again. 

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