Growing up, I always looked forward to summer camp. I would usually be gone for somewhere between two and three weeks and would have the time of my life. I made new friends. Fell in love once or twice. Conquered my fear of heights. Some of my favorite defining young memories happened at camp. So, imagine my surprise when I hear that summer camp for adults is a thing and we have them in Texas.

How Does A Summer Camp For Adults Differ From What We Remember?

It should be pretty obvious. First of all, they don't last a whole week or all summer. We're adults. We have jobs now. Most of these "camps" last around 3 days. They're more of a "camp experience" than an actual stay at summer camp.

The cool thing is that all include the staple camp routine. You wake up, eat, and then do your camp activities for the day. A lot of places offer the usual archery, horseback riding, swimming, and so on. Some even have arts and crafts.

The ones we have in Texas are each pretty unique. One focuses more on the social aspects of camping, while another allows you the opportunity to basically pretend you're the only person at camp...if that's a fantasy you've ever had.

What Are The Adult Summer Camps In Texas?

The first is Camp No Counselors. It's a three-day, all-inclusive camp experience. It's Salute Your Shorts by day, and a party all night. Thinking back to my teenage years at camp, the "socials" were always insanely awkward. I imagine one with a little liquid courage is a little easier to get through.

Next, you have Camp Sherwood Forest. This is a 21 & up camp that is, once again, three days long. The difference with this one is that there is a big emphasis placed on the Renaissance Era. Your days are full of activities to help you learn skills and crafts from the most celebrated of all eras. If you know how much people love the Renaissance Faire in Texas, the fact that this exists should come as no surprise.

Then, you have Blisswood in Cat Spring, Texas. This isn't a camp. It's a bed & breakfast that wants to give you the camp "vibe". You can go it alone or with up to 10 people you don't hate, and enjoy camp-like activities during the day. At night, you get to sleep in a bed & breakfast. Not a cabin with 20 other people and no a/c.

It's fascinating to me that summer camps for adults exist. If you've never been to summer camp, this is the way to do it. Give yourself three days to get all the sunburns, bug bites, and awkward social encounters you can, and then head home.

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