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  • Images of your home on Google Street View are immediately available
  • Security concerns are the main reason you want them blurred
  • Thieves and stalkers can gain information from these photos

Google Street View is an awesome tool. I use it all the time to figure out where I am going, especially when I am out of town. I can find the exact place I am trying to go, and what to visually expect when I get there. It's a real time saver.

At its core Street View seems like an innocuous part of everyday life in modern Texas. When you think about it from a security standpoint that's when things take a darker turn.

Anyone in the world can see your house in very intimate detail. If they wanted to rob you or worse, there is more information in those pictures than you think.

Is Your Face On Google Street View In Your Own Texas Home? 

Are you someone that doesn't like blinds and wants a lot of natural light in your home? When the Google Street View camera passes by, it might catch you inadvertently. If you are in a witness protection program, that could be a bit problematic.

Would-be abductors and thieves can also find out where all your cameras might be placed outside the home and avoid those areas when breaking in. Google has thought of this, and there is an easy way to blur these:

  1. Go to Google Maps and enter your address.
  2. Get into Street View by clicking the yellow person icon in the bottom right.
  3. When you see your house, click "Report A Problem" on the top left where you see three dots next to your address.
  4. Center the red box on your house and pick "My Home" from the request blurring menu.
  5. Put in the blank why you want the image blurred.
  6. Give them your email address and hit "Submit".

That's all it takes for some peace of mind.

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