Imagine that the kids come barreling down the stairs in the morning looking for their beloved Elf on the Shelf, and the elf has become trapped inside the TV screen.  Here's how you can make it happen.

We've seen social media pictures of elves this holiday season sitting on faucets, hanging from chandeliers, popping out of cereal boxes, and sitting inside toaster ovens. You must be exhausted trying to think of unique and creative places for that thing to be.  So....after almost a month of taxing your brain trying to find new and creative things to do with the elf, this will the easiest thing yet.

You can trap an elf inside your TV screen.

If you have a smart TV, go to the Youtube app and search 'Elf stuck in TV'.

When you select that video, the elf will show up on the screen with the message "I hit the wrong button on the remote... how do I get out of here?"

It's one image, but it's been made into an hour-long video, which means it will run from the minute the kids arrive in the living room, all the way through breakfast, and even as they're on their way out the door for school.

And here's a nice bonus.  This may keep the kids from wanting to watch so much TV too since it's the elf's duty to watch them and report back to Santa.  They may suddenly feel a little weird about watching a screen that the elf is stuck in.

You can also trap the elf in your phone with the Youtube app if that works better.

Have fun!  Only five more days to go.

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