Ahhh college, it sucks away your life savings with tuition, books, football tickets and more. Luckily there are a few things you won't need to worry about buying while you're at college because they hand them out for free!

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    For almost any event you go to there will be free shirts handed out. Sporting events, student organization tables, any "first" of the year and so many more. My advice would be to schedule your life around those events and stock up on some fun shirts!
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    Seriously, every single club is going to want you to join. Every single upperclassman is going to have something they want you to come to. You will be invited to every single thing on campus, and the best part about going is that they usually have more free stuff there!
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    Yes, this might in fact be the best thing you will get for free at college. Pizza, burgers, drinks, cookies, snacks and more. All those events you get invited to will probably have free food. And everyone likes free food, so you'd be making a big mistake to skip out on that!
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